Waitrose cashmere loo rolls

Waitrose customers are so posh they wipe their arses with cashmere!

Would you wash your clothes in Barf?

I am not sure where they sell Barf washing powder but I guess it wouldn’t go down to well in Britain, except maybe for the residents of Barf Close.

Crosse & Blackwell Soup and Dorset Brown Ale

I bought some Crosse & Blackwell Best of British Beef, Root Vegetable & Ale Soup from Morrisons at the weekend. After buying it I noticed the front label proclaims it contains ‘Dorset Ale’, the ingredient list says 6% Dorset Brown Ale. I wonder who they are sourcing their ale from?

Seaton Woolworths, still empty

It was back in 2008 that Woolworths went out of business. The empty stores seemed to spring back into life reasonably quickly with Iceland, Spar and Poundland among the many names to be seen above shops where Woolworths used to be. I was in Seaton in East Devon recently and was struck by the forlorn looking former Woolworths still standing

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Sticky tape, antifreeze and condoms

Say Durex to someone British and as well as feeling slightly embarrassed they will think of the brand of prophylactic that is know owned by Reckitt Benckiser but used to be a product of the London Rubber Company. Some of you might remember a routine that comedian Jasper Carrott performed in which he described seeing a racing car in Australia

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So Poundbury is now “the heart of Dorset’s County Town”?

Looking at the web site for the Poet Laureate pub in Poundbury I see they claim to be “Situated in the heart of Dorset’s County Town” (see screen-shot below). Excuse me, how long has Poundbury been the heart of Dorchester? Far from being the heart many of us consider Poundbury to be a pustulous boil on the backside of our

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The view from the X53 Jurassic Coast bus

I have seen the X53 Jurassic Coast many, many times on the road as I have travelled through Dorset and Devon. As a car driver never when spotting that red and cream liveried double decker bus have I wondered what it would be like to actually travel on it, the video below has made me think again. Filmed from the

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Farewell to the Co-operative Bank in Crewkerne, & welcome back (temporarily) Bristol & West

There was speculation in the local press in recent months that the Co-operative grocery store in Falkland Square in Crewkerne was going to close and be replaced by an Iceland frozen food shop. Those rumours came to nothing but while in Crewkerne today I noticed the recently re-branded Co-operative Bank branch was no longer there. The Co-operative Bank has been

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Telephone number Oh, Oh, Oh … called today

My telephone rang while I was in the bathroom, I wasn’t expecting a call so I didn’t rush to answer it. They didn’t leave an answerphone message so I dialled 1471 to get the number. The automated female voice on announced “Telephone number 000 000 000 000 called today …“. What sort of telephone number is that? I have had

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You know where you are with Dorset finger signposts

I remember as a child having it pointed out to me that different counties had different designs for their fingerpost signs at road junctions. One major difference between the signposts in Dorset and those in neighbouring Devon and Somerset was that Dorset County Council usually topped theirs with a cast metal roundel resembling the London Underground logo in design. These

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