What Happened To Duckhams Q?

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Remember Duckhams oil? Duckhams was synonymous with engine oil when I was growing up. Garages would have large Duckhams branded thermometers screwed to their walls, a neat promotional tool.
Duckhams Q was the best known of the Duckams brands but as oils became more sophisticated Duckhams Hypergrade was launched.

And then Duckhams seemed to disapear!

It would seem the original Duckhams oil company was bought out by the oil and petrol giant BP. Duckhams was for a while promoted by BP as a premium engine oil brand. In 2000 BP acquired Burmah-Castrol and along with it the Castrol oil brand most famous for Castrol GTX, Castrol Edge and Castrol Magnatec.

BP must have considered the Castrol brand stronger than Duckhams because that is the one they concentrated on, letting the once great name Duckhams fall by the wayside.


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