Fine Fare, West Street, Bridport

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This weeks Bridport News has an old photograph of petrol pumps outside Bridport Motor Company which they say was on the site of what is now the Waitrose supermarket. Thinking back this supermarket has traded under a number of different names, up until fairly recently it was a Somerfield. Back in the 1980s it was a Fine Fare which had a distinctive bright orange logo.
I remember when they bought Rees shoe shop next door to expand their store and Rees moved their shop across the road and nearer to the town centre. If you stand in West Street and look at the Waitrose store from the front it is very obvious what was the original store and what was later incorporated.
The other distinctive thing about Fine Fare was the plain bright yellow packaging that they used for their own brand products. These were a forerunner of today’s Tesco Value and Sainsbury’s Basics ranges. I managed to find the picture of these shown here on The Disciples of Design web site.

Below is a television advert for Fine Fare from 1986.


Fine Fare

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