Rampisham Young Farmers Visit Holby City Hospital

I was out on Tuesday evening so I recorded the BBC1 hospital drama Holby City. I have only just had a chance to watch it.

Someone in the writing of this weeks episode of Holby obviously has quite a bit of knowledge of West Dorset.

In one of the story lines there were two young men in the hospital who were members of Rampisham Young Farmers. They were there because one of them, Doug ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, had accidental imbibed paint stripper during a cocktail drinking contest. The paint stripper had been stored in an old gin bottle on Kevin Bugler’s farm.

The pair were portrayed as a couple of lovable clowns with their hearts in the right place. They were proud of the £1,140 they had “raised for the mother and baby unit up Bridport Hospital” and the ‘Ring-Burners Fest‘ shirts they had had made for a vindaloo eating competition..

Their accents were not too bad, rural rather than rustic, certainly better Dorset accents than some of those on the current West Bay filmed police drama Broadchurch.

Of course Rampisham does not have a Young Farmers club, and Bridport Hospital has not had a maternity ward for many years, but it all added an extra dimension to this weeks Holby for those of us who know the area, and I bet there is a Kevin Bugler living around here somewhere.


rampisham yf ring-burners fest

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