‘The Dyson Digital Motor’ or ‘Baffle Them With Bull’

A while back I caught an advert for a Dyson vacuum cleaner on television and couldn’t believe my ears when I thought I heard them mention it had a digital motor. They still mention this miracle digital motor in their adverts, I heard it earlier this evening.

Now electric motors rotate around an axis, they are by their very nature analogue not digital. The Dyson motor is no different in this respect.


So where does the digital claim come in? Well it looks like they are using a digital source to create the electrical pulses which power the brush-less motor. This way they can control precisely the motors speed. Now regulating the speed of a motor this way is nothing new but to give Dyson their due I guess it is a first for a vacuum cleaner.

There is a quite a bit of unfavourable discussion out there on the internet about this ‘digital motor’ claim.

Then there is the video I have posted below about another Dyson claim.

It seems Dave Jones of the EEVblog took exception to the claim on the box of a hand held Dyson vacuum cleaner that “No carbon brushes means zero carbon emissions“. To me it is a statement of dubious intention, carbon brushes wear down an thus create small amounts of carbon dust, but what do you immediately think of when you hear ‘carbon emissions’ mentioned, carbon dust or the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide?

Dave Jones makes no bones about what he thinks of this claim, and does so in a rather amusing way. This video is well worth a view.

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