How Australians Start Stubborn Engines

Faced with a problem getting a petrol engine to start one trick that many try is to use an aerosol starting spray. These spray ether into the air intake which being more volatile than petrol or diesel ignites more readily.
Bradex Easy Start
Here in the UK we head off to the nearest branch of Halfords and pick up a can of ‘Bradex Easy Start’.

Across the other side of the world the Australians have a reputation for being rather more blunt and to the point than us Brits, so it really should not come as a surprise that their equivalent to our ‘Easy Start’ is a product called ‘Start Ya Bastard’ from a company called Nulon.
Start Ya Bastard 150 150
Nulon say this on their web site:

In searching for a name for this product, we could not get away from the three words most commonly used to describe a difficult-to-start engine “Start Ya Bastard”. We trust you will not be offended.


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