When Persil isn’t Persil

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Well it is Persil, but it is not the Persil you think it is …

Hang on, let’s start again from the beginning.

I popped into a branch of The Original Factory Shop recently. On the shop floor there was a large display of big boxes of washing powder, three brands, Surf, Ariel and Persil. They were obviously imported as the blurb on the front of the packs was not in English.


Being a nosey nerd I decided to work out how much per wash each worked out at, and that is when I spotted it, the Henkel logo on the front of the Persil box.

Now way back in time the rights to use the Persil brand name split, here in the UK and in Ireland Unilever ended up with the name, in most of the rest of Europe Persil is a premium Henkel brand.

Henkel and Unilever make different detergents that they brand Persil, so the Persil you buy here is not the same product as the Henkel made one you would buy in, for example, Germany. Reading the side of the pack revealed the Persil boxes in The Original Factory Shop had come from Potugal.

So those purchasing these imported Henkel boxes thinking they are getting the same Persil they regularly buy in Tesco or Sainsbury’s are not getting what they think they are.

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