Who remembers the Pricerite supermarket in Bridport?

Recently I found the old match box pictured here. The label proclaims ‘Pricerite Safety Matches‘.
Pricerite were a supermarket chain who had a store in West Street, Bridport where Superdrug is now.

It was a long time ago and my memory is vague so I tried finding out more on the internet. There are plenty of references to a current American supermarket called Pricerite but the British one seems to have been forgotten.

If I remember correctly International Stores took them over and moved into the West Street shop. International subsequently merged with Gateway along with Fine Fare who consolidated there Bridport operation in the larger Fine Fare supermarket that is now the Waitrose store. The old Pricerite/International premises became a Medicare which was a similar format to Superdrug. Medicare were then sold to Superdrug who at the time were owned by the same company as Woolworths.

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  1. bill

    i worked as a delivery driver for pricerite sup. depot at egham, surrey for 2yrs & 2wks in the late seventies the bridport shop was served by the depot at alton hampshire

    1. Dave Empson

      I worked at Pricerite and as I recall we did not have a shop at Bridport. Prior to International Stores taking over Pricerite there was a shop at Bridport which was rebranded International stores on the takeover and would have been served by Southampton depot. There was never a depot at Alton. I worked for International Stores at Staines/Egham as a driver from 1962 until 1976 and then for Pricerite as a driver from the time the depot opened until it closed……..You probably know me!!!

  2. steven lemar

    i worked for pricerite supermarket in folkestone from 1966 started out in provisions and eventually to store manager also did relief manager in various stores around kent the company was taken over by international stores my store in cheriton closed in 1987


    I worked for Pricerite Supermarkets at their store in parsonage manor way Bexleyheath Kent in 1960.I had just left school,and started as a trainee manager/warehouse boy at the age of 15.The only other male was the manager Mr Wakeham,all the other staff were female,I only wish I knew then what I know today.The store would shut for lunch and early closing on,I think it was Wednesday.We had two cashiers,Diane and Sylvie,Sylvie’s husband John helped me with my first motorbike when I became 16.They were a lovely couple and very good to me,treated me like a young brother.John had a Vincent Black Shadow with a Stieve sports sidecar,and they took me to the London Motorcycle Show on this lovely motorcycle combination.That memory has always vividly stayed with me up to today,and I am 69 years old.I only worked with the company for about a year but enjoyed it immensely.I would love to meet Sylvie and john again but I fear it may be too late.Pricerite will always be special to me as it was my first taste of work.If anyone has any information on the above,I would love to hear from them.

  4. Rick wilkinwon

    Worked for them from 1963 until 1965 in Bournemouth. Owner was cousin of Tesco Cohen. They ended up with approx 40 stores

  5. Bill Hughes

    I worked for Pricerite in Dorchester. I recall the manager was a Mr Fry. Great time. Before the call of the sea had me.


    I remember the Pricerite store in New Cross, south east London in the late sixties/early seventies when I was a child.

  7. peterbailey

    Early sixties, one in Tunbridge Wells Kent. Father had to park some way away and then both parents had to lug a big hold all full of groceries back to the car. How times have changed. Seem to remember it as one shop front then went round the back of a different shop and you exited out of a much smaller shop front.

  8. Richard Marshall

    I used to work for Pricerite, as a member of the Store Merchandising Team, with TeamLeader Jim Barry, and colleagues Charlie Atkins, my best mate Johnny Perkins, older colleagues Johnny Johnson, Berty Nail, Tom Reader, and Ernie Woodthorpe ……………….at the time (late sixties very early seventies), we travelled up and down the country setting up stores for new openings and refitting stores for re-opening………those were the days !…our Head Office base was at Swanley, in Kent………..Chairman and founder of Pricerite at the time was Michael Kaye, who had formerly been a barrow boy in the East London Markets, with John Cohen, who later became founder and CEO of Tesco.

  9. Mike

    Hi.i used to work as the warehouse manager at the grove park branch in downham the manager at the time was Mr Crosby (great store and great staff)

  10. Paul Jay

    I remeber the Sudbury store we did most of our shopping there and we collected the pink stamps. The chain went bust in the early seventies and the International took over.

    1. Mike

      I remember with great fondness my time working at the prcerite store in “grove park” south London.
      Mike farmer


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