Anyone remember Chipmunk Crisps?

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When I was a child I remember occasionally being treated to a bag of crisps, or chips as we called them. The brand I really remember from back then is Chipmunk Crisps which we used to buy from “Baker Bill” who drove the Mothers Pride van selling bread door to door.

I haven’t seen or heard of Chipmunk potato crisps for years. I wondered what had happened to them, or even if I had imagined them. A search proved I wasn’t the only one being nostalgic about them.

I’ve nicked the picture from the Do You Remember website.

11 comments on “Anyone remember Chipmunk Crisps?

  1. chris sergeant

    Chipmunk were the best, oxo n salt and vinegar flavours lush bring them back ? Golden wonder are back so why not chipmunk !

  2. Leo

    When I was at my primary school Chipmunk crisps were sold at break-time. I remember thinking they were really good; but they were not sold in the local shops.

  3. sparky

    They were the best tasting crisps ever and trying to explain to the younguns bout them is a giggle but wish they were still available. Who made them. Any idea?

  4. Glenn

    I was just talking to my girlfriend about how good Chipmunk crisps were . My old man used to give me 10p and I would spend it on 5 bags , they were that good .
    Shame you can’t buy them today

  5. Graham

    In the 70s I used to eat extra large bags of Chipmunk crisps at every Man Utd home game. With a polystyrene cup of beef tea ( not a brand) it made the relegation in 74 slightly more tolerable.

  6. Billy Bob

    In 1971 while in infant school my, mam used to give me 5p tuck money, this got me 2 packets of chipmunk crisps and with the penny change i would get 3 jelly snakes and in those days the jelly snakes were atleast a foot long.

  7. Steven Gilson

    I too used to spend my money on chipmunk oxo crisps, there is nothing on the market that even comes close to them they were the best crisps ever.

  8. cazbolam

    I’ve just eaten a packet of Burts Guinness crisps and I thought I’d gone back in time. They are the closest thing to Chipmunk oxo flavour crisps I’ve tasted. They even smell the same !

  9. Paul moore

    Yep remember chipmonk crisp.use to buy them at man utd games every home match 60.70s.them and a wagon wheel .great tasteing my mate still talk about them to this day.


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