Ever noticed something odd about that pair of arches in West Street, Bridport?

If you are familiar with West Street in Bridport you probably know the two shops set back behind a pair of arches, ‘Jaxson’s Deli‘ on the left and to the right ‘Chickenland and Pizza’. How closely have you looked at these two arches, or rather have you observed them from a distance? If you have you will have spotted they

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Did you ever drive a Yugo?

I came across the advert below for Yugo cars while I was searching for something else. If I am not mistaken the car in the picture is a Yugo 45 based on the old Fiat 127 model, a car which I once owned although I never got the chance to drive the Yugo version to see how it compared. Yugo

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So who remembers drinking Toby Bitter?

I was indulging in a crafty pint the other day when I noticed an old Toby Bitter beer pump fitting sat on the top shelf above the bar. I had not seen or heard anything of Toby Bitter for years. Toby was at one time very widely available in these parts of the West Country. It was a basic session

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Wayford Woods Closed – No visiting the fairies

I spotted the sign below near Wayford, just south of Crewkerne in Somerset earlier today declaring “Wayford Woods Closed“. I guess this is as a consequence of all the publicity the woods have received recently in the national newspapers and on television about the fairy doors that have been appearing in the woods over recent years such as in this

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Adge Cutler TV interview clip

I guess there are not too many video clips of Adge Cutler speaking rather than singing in existence so I was fascinated to see the one below

I have been tying my shoelaces the wrong way

Are your shoelaces constantly coming undone? Fed up with having to keep retying them? Well according to a chap called Ian you are probably tying them the wrong way. So devoted is Ian to teaching people how to tie their shoelaces he has his own web site “Ian’s Shoelace Site” where he shows eighteen different ways to tie shoelaces. And

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When trains ran through the streets of Weymouth

Have you traveled past the bus depot along Commercial Road in Weymouth and noticed the tramlines running up the middle of the carriageway? These date from the days when trains ran through the streets of Weymouth from the town’s railway station to the quay and back again. Officially known as the Weymouth Harbour Tramway regular services ceased in 1987 but

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Find the nearest postbox

Have you ever wanted to find out where the nearest post box is? Or if your memory is correct and there is a pillar box where you think before you make an unnecessary journey. It was the second of those that got me searching for a way of finding where postboxes are located. Having something to post and heading off

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Waitrose cashmere loo rolls

Waitrose customers are so posh they wipe their arses with cashmere!

Would you wash your clothes in Barf?

I am not sure where they sell Barf washing powder but I guess it wouldn’t go down to well in Britain, except maybe for the residents of Barf Close.