Trying to beat the high fuel prices

Petrol and diesel prices seem to be spiralling ever higher. I do silly mileages for my work so I’m always on the lookout for the cheapest diesel I can get. Some time ago I came across, a useful price comparison website for fuel. Put in your post code or town and your choice of fuel and they return a

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Taxi Drivers

What gives so many taxi drivers the idea that the rules of the road and common courtesy to other drivers doesn’t apply to them? Sorry to all the countless taxi drivers out there who no doubt are doing a sterling job in the face of adversity, but a substantial number of your colleagues are giving your profession a bad name.

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Just come across Historypin which looks like an interesting new website. It allows the upload of old photos of places which can be “pinned” to their correct location on a map of the UK. Working with Google Street View you can match it to a current snapshot of that location to see how things have changed.