Moving onwards

What is happening with this web site, there has not been an update for months? Well I have been wondering what to do with it myself, should it stay, should… Read more »

It would seem Toby Bitter is not dead after all!

UNIFORM TAX REBATE – looks official, is it?

Shoes for Genuine Men only

So tempted!

Wandering around the National Trust owned Barrington Court in South Somerset I spotted several of these notices in the multiple historic bathrooms. It was so tempting! The mischievous side of… Read more »

The Muddled Man – Is this the best pub name ever?

Clare Balding goes rambling in West Dorset

Fanta Raspberry & Passionfruit – Special Edition

If you are familiar with West Street in Bridport you probably know the two shops set back behind a pair of arches, ‘Jaxson’s Deli‘ on the left and to the… Read more »

So who remembers drinking Toby Bitter?

Wayford Woods Closed – No visiting the fairies

Adge Cutler TV interview clip

I have been tying my shoelaces the wrong way