Gulf Loyalty Card

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Recently I stopped at a Gulf branded petrol station to put some diesel in my car. While I was paying I noticed some promotional material for the Gulf Loyalty Card and picked up a leaflet.
Gulf Loyalty Card
The idea is you collect points on the loyalty card each time you fill up on a Gulf petrol forecourt and when you have enough points you get a discount off of your next fuel purchase.

Try as I might I could find no mention in the leaflet as to what rate the points were issued at, ie how many points per litre purchased or per £1 spent. This means I could not work out the effective value of each point and whether it made for a good deal. As Gulf petrol stations tend to be smaller independents who normally charge rather higher prices per litre than bigger forecourts I suspect that it would not be worth switching to Gulf just to get the points.

Can anyone enlighten me as to the rate per litre or per Pound points are issued at?


2 comments on “Gulf Loyalty Card

  1. Kamran Akram

    in Birmingham it is 1 point per litre 1200 points per card make £5.00
    i think Total, Murco,Jet and the rest should join in aswell as Harvest Energy -Petrol is poor quality and far too expensive.


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