Did you ever drive a Yugo?

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I came across the advert below for Yugo cars while I was searching for something else. If I am not mistaken the car in the picture is a Yugo 45 based on the old Fiat 127 model, a car which I once owned although I never got the chance to drive the Yugo version to see how it compared.

Yugo cars were made in Yugoslavia by Zastava Automobiles and like many cars built iron curtain countries were based on old defunct Western European car company designs. In the United Kingdom along side the Yugo 45 they also sold a Fiat 128 based model. Later came the Yugo Sana, a much more modern looking car.

Then came the Balkan Crisis. Yugoslavia fell apart and exports of Zastava made cars to the UK ceased. The factory survived and according to Wikipedia is these days engaged in the manufacture of Fiat branded vehicles.

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