Wrongmove – Could they start fracking under your home?

If you have been following the news you cannot help but have heard of fracking, a technique to recover gas and oil from shale rock deep below the ground.


Fracking is proving controversial, those in favour point out it could lead to a plentiful source of cheap energy, those against raise environmental concerns. In the USA where fracking is already widely established claims have been made that it has led to isolated instances of pollution in domestic water supplies. The argument has also been made that finding new sources of fossil fuel is distracting from the development of renewable energy technologies.

It will come as no surprise that the environmental pressure group Greenpeace are against fracking, and to raise awareness they have created the web site Wrongmove whose name is a pun on the property search site Rightmove. On Wrongmove you can type in your postcode and find out if your home is in one of the areas the government is considering for drilling and possible fracking.

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