Who Makes Lidl Simply Sumptuous Special Muesli?

Confession time, I eat muesli, and I am rather partial to the luxury own brand muesli’s in the shiny packets sold by Lidl as Simply Sumptuous Special Muesli.

On the BBC local news programme at 6:30 this evening they had an article on the potential takeover of the Dorchester based manufacturer Dorset Cereals. Watching the piece I spotted what looked very like the Lidl blue muesli pack front on a packing machine.

Curious I downloaded the programme on BBC iPlayer. On playing it back I paused the footage and took a screen grab which you will find below. In it the Lidl pack fronts can clearly be seen so it would seem that Lidl Simply Sumptuous Special Muesli is produced for the German supermarket chain on our own doorstep by Dorset Cereals.

Lidl Simply Sumptuous Special Muesli packets still on the roll


Dorset Cereal packets on the production line

BBC Spotlight 9th April 2014

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  1. cs

    I work for Dorset Cereals and can confirm this. We also make Waitrose and M&S muesli along with of course the many Dorset Cereals varieties


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