So who remembers drinking Toby Bitter?

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I was indulging in a crafty pint the other day when I noticed an old Toby Bitter beer pump fitting sat on the top shelf above the bar. I had not seen or heard anything of Toby Bitter for years.


Toby was at one time very widely available in these parts of the West Country. It was a basic session keg bitter brewed by the giant Bass Charrington brewing company.

The pump adornment I spotted was one of the later ones that took the form of a moulded Toby jug character on a wooden plinth, the earlier ones I remember were square plastic boxes that had a light inside that shone through the translucent plastic with the Toby image and name printed on it.

My memory of Toby Bitter is not fond, it was nothing special and the major changes in brewery ownership along with the returning rise in popularity of real ale killed the brand off. I guess few mourn its passing.

I did find a couple of 1980s television adverts for Toby Bitter on YouTube which portray Toby as “Good honest bitter”. Watch them below and see if you remember them.

2 comments on “So who remembers drinking Toby Bitter?

  1. Mrs Wembly

    The painting forger in the second Toby advert is Philip McGough who played Arnie the dodgy jeweller selling gold chains in Only fools and Horses and drug dealer Charlie Dawson in Brookside. Typecasting?


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