Moving onwards

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What is happening with this web site, there has not been an update for months? Well I have been wondering what to do with it myself, should it stay, should it go, should there be another option?


A new start with a new web address, let me introduce Yer Tiz.

I started The Dorset Knob without a clear vision as I already had the web address, my previous attempt to use it as a community forum having come to nothing. I have never been completely happy with the web name and going for something new gives the chance for a fresh start with a new look.

Yer Tiz is up and running. It will be updated as and when with new articles and other posts. As well as the new stuff I will be going through the articles I have posted on this web site and any worth retaining and possibly updating will be transferred across to the new site along with a link on this site so that it can still be found. While in the process of trawling through this site and moving stuff across I will also delete anything I deem not worth preserving.

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